Finally. Ready.

I feel like Tim Allen in Wild Hogs. Only my riding partner isn’t nearly as much of a dog as John Travolta (*duh dun chaaa* ((drum noise)))!

So here’s a little diddy that’ll instill confidence in everyone.

When I first bought the bike I went outside one morning and it was running super “rich” as they call it. This means that there’s usually something messed up with the mixture / balance of oil and gas in the bike and it starts by blowin’ out a bunch of white smoke.

Earlier this week I met one of my bosses for lunch before I left. He couldn’t stay long, so we met at Whole Foods downtown. I decided to take full advantage of their free underground parking. When I got back to the bike about 45 minutes later – I told my boss I can drop him back at the office real quick and to hop on in the sidecar!

If you could emoji on wordpress blogging – this would be the face-palm portion.

It wouldn’t start. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why. But he was running late so I had to open up the lid and told him, “Sorry, John. Looks like you’ll have to run back to the office…”

I called Triple A (yes, I have AAA) and they had to bring a flatbed to tow me. Unfortunately for the guys helping me, my bike is in an underground parking garage.

We had to push it uphill, in neutral, out of the parking garage because the flat bed wouldn’t fit in the garage. Luckily for me I was only in a heavily populated area, at lunch time, directly facing the most popular lunch spot in all of downtown Minneapolis (Red Cow).

So, that was cool.

They towed her to this place, Further Performance.
IMG-4427This is not a plug, this is not an ad, this is nothing more than a shout-out to a bunch of dudes that were tremendous, and made this thing possible. They took me in, without notice, last second, on three separate occasions, three straight days. I almost single-handedly made them struggle to finish previous jobs.

Tristan, Matt, Austen – thank you. Thank you all for teaching me about my bike, and tuning her up to be ready to rock.

Basically – for those that know bikes – I left my fuel valve on. There’s a new carburetor on it, and the carb pulled gas while it was off, and the heat/pressure from the ride boiled that gas over into the engine.


I had dinner plans with a couple co-workers later that night – this time at Red Cow (THE EXACT SAME LOCATION). Merely hours later (this time I decided street parking would be a good idea), I have dinner, come out and show them the bike, have a few people walk by and ask me about it and tell me how awesome it is, and go figure – she won’t start.

Called AAA back. Same guy in the flat bed (Mike – phenomenal guy) gives me a direct call on my cell that he had from the earlier pick up, and goes – “Will, what the hell man, what’s wrong with your bike??!”

Luckily, this time, I’m just an idiot. It was out of gas.

She’s all ready to rock, as am I and Mckenzie, and we can’t wait to hit the open road.

Thanks for checkin’ in!

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