Day 1.

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Things I can knock off my bucket list:

  • Go over 70 mph on a motorcycle
  • See a field full of baby goats
  • Create a fundraising campaign that reached it’s initial goal before I even started fundraising
  • Fart on a motorcycle
  • Make six friends at a gas station
  • Play football with my dog at Lambeau Field

And we’ve only just begun.

The ride so far has been incredible. It started white knuckled and nerve-knocking, and quickly turned to exhilarating. When Kenzie and I first set off into the Minnesota Wild (I-94), I was still getting used to the bike and learning to trust it fully. after the first 50 or so miles, good lord, I was in heaven.

In my abundance of experience as a motorcyclist, I’ve come to learn just what it’s like to go about 50-ish mph, driving almost strictly in the city. I didn’t know how wildly mediocre that experience is until I got out of Minnesota.

Once you find open road it’s the most liberating feeling I may have ever felt. On par with when I first got released from jail, and when I freed Scotland with William Wallace.

And I had no idea that a dog’s jowls could go that far back from its face.

Side note – I apologize I don’t have more pictures of Kenzie while riding – working on it.

Day one was a blast. Playing football at Lambeau Field with my dog was like a dream come true. Meeting new friends at gas stations (Brenda and Mary! Bill and fam! Hey!) and reconnecting with old friends that let me drink their alcohol and allow Kenzie and I to rest up has just been the start of an awesome trip filled with love and support. Day two is underway. Up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, then over to Detroit!

Thank you, everyone. Thank you so much. While I’m sure she could find a way to be happier with how I’m doing this, I know my mom is smiling down.

1 thought on “Day 1.”

  1. Hi Will, I’m a long time friend of your “gram & granp ” Tom & Joanne. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak you have experienced during your Mom’s illness. And I applaud your spirit and courage to ride in honor of your love for her and concern for others with this dreaded disease that steals the life of someone you love.
    You and Kenzie will travel safely as your Mom rides with you – always.


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