Day 2.

Mother of Pearl.

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is 100% all it’s cracked up to be. This was more experiential than anything, which makes it tough to truly have you grasp how beautiful the ride was.

For about 200 miles you’re riding along the Green Bay, and Lake Michigan with nothing but open water to your right, and trees galore to your left, on a two lane – one-way each side – road at 70 mph.

You smell every smell.

From manure to fresh burning wood of a fire as you pass by campgrounds to fresh pine from the trees to the crisp smell of fresh open water.

You see things you never knew to think about seeing.

The tree tops of the Hiawatha State Forest during a sunset. About the top 30 or so feet of all the trees as the sun sets on them are painted bright reddish orange.

If you have sore eyes – it’s definitely a sight for you.

However, it was also a bit nerve racking.

I was warned by three separate people to watch out for deer as I journeyed around the UP.  They also warned me (in all three separate conversations) that I shouldn’t have too much to worry about because deer generally don’t begin to appear until night fall. And I wasn’t planning on riding through the night …. until I found myself riding through the night.

As the sun began to set I felt an awful lot like Will Smith in ‘I Am Legend’ trying to get to my destination as fast I as I could to avoid the things that could ultimately kill me as day turns to night with my with dog.

Around 8pm I passed about 20 deer in a 2-mile stretch, and started freakin’ out a litttlllee bit. Then I realized I had to turn full-dad mode and stay as vigilant as possible to protect my little girl and make it safe to my AirBNB.

But as the night grew on, it became more and more peaceful. Riding through small towns, seeing the dying orange light atop the as-far-as-the-eye-can-see Lake Michigan, and I even saw the closest shooting star I’ve ever seen in my life.

At that point in time I knew I’d be fine. I knew “Grandma” (as McKenzie knew her – a.k.a. my mom) was watching over us.

I made it safe and sound over the Mackinac Bridge to my destination. And venture on here shortly.

We’re gunna make it just fine for Mother’s Day.

Thanks everyone for helping us get there with you encouragement.

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