We’re back in action!

First and foremost – the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins and are going to the Eastern Conference Finals.

….. Wait … WHAT? Come again? Pardon? Exsqueeze me?


(Yes, I know, I’m totally just breaking this news to everyone… None-the-less, I’m STILL in disbelief and excited).

What in the world is going on?

It’s like I’m living in that episode of ‘Rugrats’ where Tommy and Chuckie go to Mirrorland, and everything gets super incredibly trippy for even the most advanced and complex intellectual, let alone their poor baby brains.

When I first arrived to Detroit – about five minutes before game time – I didn’t have a lot of time to settle in and relax. I was staying at a buddy’s place who was so kind to have a beer ready for me upon my arrival. He also happens to be a big Capitals fan. We went to downtown Detroit (8 Mile), hung out with B.Rabbit and Cheddar – said ‘F’ the Freeworld, and calmly proceeded to watch the Capitals.

Calm quickly turned to calamity.

When Kuzy scored the goal in OT – we were the only two in the bar screaming bloody, joyous murder. I mean, we were yelling profanities in disbelief like sailors in a “Who Can Curse the Best” competition – for about a straight minute.


As far as the trip goes. We’re still on track to make it back! When I woke up Tuesday, I began writing the day’s blog, and realized that ya boi is starting to feel the effects of the trip a bit. I then was side tracked by errands (Kenzie ran out of food, the bike needed a little maintenance, getting a few odds and ends for the remainder of the trip – such as trying to get livestreaming set up, but that’s a whole separate headache in itself).

By the time I was done – it was 5pm. Don’t worry. You guys didn’t miss anything cool. Unless your connoisseurs of the American Pothole word – there wasn’t much to see in the outskirts of Detroit.

I could have left during rush hour to arrive late in Cleveland, where I will be staying with my cousin, but he had to get up early anyway. We only would’ve had an hour together, and that’s a more dangerous ride than I need to do when I could simply stay in town, take Kenzie for a walk, and grab food and drinks in Detroit.

So, fear not. You haven’t missed anything as far as the journey goes. Kenzie and I are going to be heading out to Cleveland shortly! We’ll keep you all updated as we journey on.

As always – thank you.


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