For the Moms.


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ABC 47 – Delmarva
The Patch – Crofton
Kare 11

There’s something special going on.

Exactly what it is … I can’t say.

It can be done by anyone.

And it’s not just me. It’s everybody.

It starts by simply choosing to do something.

It’s not changing the world, per-say, maybe just a microcosm of that, but it’s still real.

I’m doing something to help other’s know about these diseases so that, hopefully, we can begin to start to find out more information about interstitial lung diseases; and potentially have, at a minimum, a solid treatment so others don’t have to go through this.

Anyone and everyone that has in anyway been a part of this journey is both doing the same – ALONG WITH helping a man, and his family, heal in a time of tragedy and grief.

Kenzie is taking a lot of poops in places she never thought she’d see (or see again).

While it may seem redundant, or like a statement that’s just been a bit overplayed, I don’t care – because I don’t think I can ever say it enough: Thank You.

Mother’s Day, for me, was busy.

Busy is better than not.

I went to bed Thursday night unsure of how the morning would accept me. Knowing that all of my efforts in setting up interviews with news stations had been all-for-not (to that point). I went to bed knowing that, once again, if I were truly trying to raise as much awareness as I could, I would have to make the decision to either try, or decide to not.

I woke up Sunday morning with my mother on my mind.

And when she’s on my mind there’s only one course of action to take, try your damned hardest. Period.

I got on the horn and called stations left and right. The stations that originally had to cancel, the stations that I hadn’t spoken with yet, the stations in the Eastern Shore, the stations in Minneapolis.

News stations are finicky, man. There all about the breaking news, what’s relevant, and you have to catch them at the right time. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that – at certain times depending on that day’s situation – sometimes they just doonn’ttt quitteeee care enough.

But, yesterday, Mother’s Day, it’s like I had my mom on my shoulder.

Every station answered, every station wanted an interview. And it ended with two unexpected calls from other stations. While I know news stations don’t quite have the same reach they did 20 years ago, it was still an awesome feeling. People are actually hearing the story, and there is actually awareness being raised.

My brother traditionally always made breakfast in bed for my mom on Mother’s Day. And he decided to not let that tradition die, making breakfast for myself, our step-dad, and McKenzie. That just felt right. I’m telling ya’ – there’s something special about just deciding to do something. Which is when we were greeted by our first two news stations at the house.

I then had an interview in Easton, MD for the ABC station in Delmarva – riding about 100 miles to meet in the middle (and over the Bay Bridge, which was awesome), and didn’t even think about what exactly I was about to get myself into.

Which was the “Sunday of Mother’s Day after a gorgeous weekend’s beach/returning home Bay Bridge”-traffic. My three o’clock interview with another station wasn’t looking too good. Yeap. I missed that. However, they still invited me to the station to do an interview. Unfortunately, it was about as deep into Baltimore as you can be, adding nearly two more hours (round trip) to my day of riding.

As soon as those were done I got calls from a couple of stations in Minneapolis – Kare11 and WCCO for those Minnesotans keeping tabs – and was honored to have more people interested in the story.

Which nearly made me late for our first Mother’s Day dinner altogether (kind of the whole point of being home with Kenzie for the day!). I got home right around 6:45 to find my brother and step-dad excitedly waiting my arrival, with homemade surf and turf on the way, and an added, amazing, surprise of my step-dad’s lovely English mother there to join us. Dinner was both somber and out of this world. The Washington Capitals won – again. And even Kenzie enjoyed a bit of steak and lobster.

Somehow, the day was turned into a positive memory that will never be forgotten.

I mean….this whole trip has been simply overwhelming.

As a co-worker/boss/friend said before I left – you do it for the moms.

To all the moms out there: Happy Mother’s Day.
To all the kids reading this: give your mom a (hopefully another) hug for me.
To anyone that’s reading my story, or in anyway provided strength, encouragement, donations, shares, likes, whatever…. I say it, yes, again: Thank you.

This is for the moms.

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