The Wild World of Will. A Recap of My Life Since Returning Home.

So... this post may have taken a bit longer to get out than anticipated. I swear I try to keep my promises. Let's take a trip down memory lane and recant the things that have happened since I arrived home. My grandmother told me that this should all be recorded as it's almost comical and… Continue reading The Wild World of Will. A Recap of My Life Since Returning Home.


We're back in action! First and foremost - the Washington Capitals beat the Pittsburgh Penguins and are going to the Eastern Conference Finals. ..... Wait ... WHAT? Come again? Pardon? Exsqueeze me? Let me repeat myself. THE WASHINGTON CAPITALS BEAT THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS, IN THE SECOND ROUND, AND ARE GOING TO THE EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS.… Continue reading Mirrorland.

Day 2.

Mother of Pearl. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is 100% all it's cracked up to be. This was more experiential than anything, which makes it tough to truly have you grasp how beautiful the ride was. For about 200 miles you're riding along the Green Bay, and Lake Michigan with nothing but open water to… Continue reading Day 2.

Day 1.

Things I can knock off my bucket list: Go over 70 mph on a motorcycle See a field full of baby goats Create a fundraising campaign that reached it's initial goal before I even started fundraising Fart on a motorcycle Make six friends at a gas station Play football with my dog at Lambeau Field… Continue reading Day 1.